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Looking for the Best Medical Logistics Company in Montana?

Medical Couriers offers premier medical specimen transport throughout Montana. We serve independent labs, hospital groups, and long-term care pharmacies.

We work with vetted and verified network partners from Billings to Helena to Miles City so we can ensure that your medical specimens and pharmaceuticals are delivered safely and securely.

With 50 years and 50 million deliveries, we have never lost a specimen.

About Medical Couriers

What started as a small, family-owned business in California more than 50 years ago has grown into a nationwide network of trusted medicine delivery professionals.

Our growth in the medical industry gives us insight into what our clients need. We are proud to offer flexible technology, an experienced management team, and customized results-oriented logistics solutions.

Our fleet of couriers is hand-selected and highly-trained to represent our customers with the highest integrity. Through earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, fires, recessions, and more, we’ve remained steady.


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We Are Medical DELIVERY Only

At Medical Couriers, every package is a person.

We aren’t FedEx or the postal service – you won’t find bills and personal packages in our hybrid delivery fleet. We only work with medical-based deliveries like daily prescriptions, biological specimens, and life-saving therapies.

Our focus and our experience allow us to offer exceptional service. We give you access to the best logistics company in Montana- that’s why our average customer relationship is 12 years old.

"mci takes this job personally."

They understand how important this job is. They understand it's down to the patient. Their really quick follow-up speaks volumes to me.

—Gerald Tang


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