The Medical Couriers Dashboards: A Healthcare Delivery Innovation

The Medical Couriers Dashboards

Bringing tech innovations to an old school industry – that’s how we operate. The medical courier industry has been around for almost as long as healthcare has. We don’t want to point fingers but with some other couriers, it shows.

Between clunky technology, opaque service management practices, and vague or non-existent reporting, the typical courier systems are outdated. They aren’t nearly as efficient as they could be. But in our industry, every package is a life. There is no room for inefficiency. That’s why we are so dedicated to innovation in healthcare delivery!

The Medical Couriers Dashboards

We have talked about our state of the art safety protocols and how we stay ahead of political and environmental issues that affect our industry already. But these internal improvements are only half the battle! It’s imperative that we offer simple solutions to our clients, together with outstanding service.

So another way we bring efficiency and innovation to the healthcare delivery industry is through our client dashboards. With our customized dashboards, we aim to bring increased transparency to our services, and improve the outdated industry communication standard.

The MCI Dashboards: A Healthcare Delivery Innovation

Our clients have access to two types of customized dashboards:

  1. The Performance Dashboard focuses on current and historical operational execution.
  2. Our Compliance Dashboard reports any issues that arise during deliveries or in the larger program.

The Performance Dashboard

Our customized performance dashboards are the cream of the crop when it comes to healthcare delivery innovation. With our system, you can see operational effectiveness and efficiency at a glance.

Within your dashboard, you can search by any time period, location, or client that you want. You can easily compare late vs on time deliveries, and find trending issues that might suggest opportunities to refine your delivery program.

Additionally, you are able to display and export any information you want – from customer information to piece counts to delivery cost. You can even pull reports on our average response and delivery time!

The Compliance Dashboard

The Compliance Dashboard ensures that our service is what you need right now, and helps us pinpoint what we need to improve. It offers a high level visualization of the issues that arise during our deliveries. And we customize it to use your own internal nomenclature so that issues can be specific to your business.

Every help ticket is categorized and displayed on your compliance dashboard. Tickets can be grouped by categories: Customer, Courier, or Driver. This allows us to see the root cause of any consistent issue and solve it as a team.

And if you want to look deeper at trending issues or just get a high level view of overall problems within your medical delivery program, our innovative healthcare delivery dashboards allow you to sort your dashboard by ticket totals, category, location and more!

Who Has Access to this Healthcare Delivery Innovation?

Our fully customizable dashboards are currently a bespoke creation for our clients that operate at a high enough volume that they require individualized guidance. These large hospital groups, laboratories, and closed-door pharmacies rely heavily on us to ensure their healthcare logistics are running smoothly. They utilize our dashboards everyday to innovate healthcare delivery throughout the country.

Our goal is to offer better services at a competitive price, so we have standardized reporting for our smaller clients. The independent labs and long term care facilities that we service still have access to the best reporting tools in the industry and our round-the-clock escalation support.

Whenever they are ready, any client can opt-in for us to create the exact dashboard set up they need!

Want to learn more about how you can get started with your ideal Medical Delivery Dashboard? Click here to reach out to us.