The Three Phases of Medical Courier Safety Updates

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We always take the safety of our drivers, staff, customers, and the public very seriously, but this year our commitment to medical courier safety is stronger than ever.

We have decided to approach safety with a renewed vigor. This is fueled by the recent challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus and empowered by the application of new technology and learning tools!

We have decided to approach our enhancements in three phases.

The Three Phases of Medical Courier Safety Updates

Phase One: Education

Our initial focus this year has been on improving our training and education for both drivers on the road and employees working in our warehouses and offices. This education phase emphasizes the new challenges created by Covid-19 and the more traditional challenges of workplace and road safety.

We are using new tools in the form of training and informational videos, workplace and online postings, group discussions and monthly safety tips to keep safety at the forefront of our efforts and “top of mind” for our entire team.

Additionally, all of our drivers are now required to participate in a workshop on defensive driving that lead to a test and additional certification.

This shared commitment to medical courier safety will develop a robust culture within our business that will translate to better protection for our team members and those we serve.

Medical Courier Safety Phase Two: Space and Process Audits

We are auditing our warehouse and office environments and the processes we use each day, with an eye on reducing exposures, improving ergonomics, and mitigating risks of all kinds. (Physical, bio, stress, etc.)

We are also re-evaluating how we conduct ourselves on the road with a renewed focus on managing driver behavior behind the wheel. We’re rolling out a safety incentive program, where drivers are part of a team of their peers. They will compete with other teams based on safety performance, and the team that had the safest assessment will win a substantial cash prize each quarter.

Finally, we set up information and learning stations in our facilities and purchased new equipment to help reduce risks to our team and better enable them to perform their duties.

Protecting and empowering our drivers positions them for success. In our world, “success” means offering a high quality medical courier service and giving attention to our customers!

Medical Courier Safety Phase Three: Technology

The technology in our vehicles is being upgraded so we can track driver behaviors in real time. This will allow us to look at patterns of driver behavior that could lead to putting themselves and/or the public at risk. For example, aggressive braking or excessive speed.

We can analyze and audit driving behavior patterns so that we can engage with the responsible driver and coach them toward better and safer driving practices.

We’re also using video capture of the defensive driving techniques so we can broadcast safety alerts once per month to the drivers in the field via their smartphones. This keeps our fleet constantly engaged with safety thoughts, safety information, and safety tips which we believe will enhance our overall culture of medical courier safety at MCI.

We sincerely believe that these three phases of our enhanced safety commitment will manifest in an improved working environment for our drivers and team members! It will significantly enhance our safety culture and manifest in a new set of practices that will reduce the risk of injury for all.