Regulation and Compliance in the Medical Final Mile Space

Regulation and Compliance

It is an unfortunate reality that oftentimes, regulation doesn’t come to an industry until there is an unforeseen, tragic event. While I’m not a huge proponent for the government sticking its nose in any of our businesses, there are certain industries that necessitate standards and certifications – further, these certifications need to be backed by real evidence: a dentist who only *claims* to have gone to dental school (with only their attestation to back it up) would not be my first choice for a root canal.

Why Is This Important?

We are hearing from our clients that more and more of their customers are expressing concerns regarding subcontractors in the Final Mile Space. How do companies confirm that the agents delivering for them are professional, informed, vetted, and compliant? What proof is available that the certifications and capabilities agreed to in our mutual Service Agreements are actually adopted and maintained? And how can we be sure that the nuances and protocols that are dictated from clinical specialists or pharmaceutical companies make it all the way down to the line level?

So, What Can Be Done?

Enter Moment Logistics. Our goal is to get ahead of any forthcoming regulation and empower our clients to respond to their customers in real time, thus creating a new industry standard of what one should expect from a Medical Courier Service. Moment has created The Medical Courier Alliance(MCA): a nationwide network of vetted, professional Care Agents, monitored and supported under the umbrella of our proprietary technology. Our Standard Compliance Package includes a background check, drug screening, MVR Report, and certifications in HIPAA Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogen/Specimen Handling, and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. 

Furthermore, these certifications are backed up in an auditable database of evidence which we have dubbed ‘The Compliance Hub’. Care Agents’ certifications are stored, managed, and can be produced upon demand. Expiration dates are monitored, and notifications are sent to the Care Agent and Management when it is time to renew – the coursework for the Care Agent to complete is available directly within our app. Client SOPs are dictated in a step-by-step customized protocol, which distills even the most complex service needs into easy-to-follow instructions that our clients are able to show to their customers to assure them their specifications are being followed. 

In time, we believe our efforts to level up the credentials of all Care Agents across the Medical Courier Alliance will produce a new expectation among healthcare providers and related entities. Final Mile Carriers have a unique opportunity to position themselves among the an elite set of providers by joining the Medical Courier Alliance. When regulation is eventually dictated by government officials, Moment and the MCA Members will be incredibly well-situated to continue providing the best-in-class service that our clients have come to expect, while other carriers will be scrambling to catch up.