The Real Cost of Losing a Specimen: Why Medical-Only Delivery is a Must

Image of Torn Medical Supply Delivery with title "The Real Cost of Losing a Specimen - Medical-Only Delivery is a Must"

In healthcare, every shipment is critical, whether it contains specimens, vaccines, or curative therapies. The consequences of failed deliveries or lost specimens are severe, extending well beyond financial losses to impacting patient outcomes and damaging the reputation of the healthcare brands involved.

The answer is simple: a reliable logistics partner should shoulder the responsibility of error-free pickups and deliveries while enabling hospitals and labs to focus on patient care.

The Consequences of Failed Medical Supply Deliveries

The facility design, workflow, and staffing issues can all contribute to the likelihood of missing specimens. But, more often than not, the root cause of a lost sample is an underperforming courier service.

Here is a closer look at the direct and indirect costs of lost specimens and how a trustworthy medical courier partner is the solution to this critical problem.

Degraded Outcomes in Patient Care

A lost specimen or delayed delivery creates a cascade of negative outcomes. Improper collection and handling lower the accuracy of pathologic results and, in turn, impact the efficacy of diagnosis and treatment decisions. Every time this happens, it is the patient who suffers the most.

Not on our watch.

Our technology, teams, and processes come together to deliver unrivaled efficiency and safety. We effectively lower the risk of damage or delayed deliveries to zero.

Irreversible Damage to the Brand

Healthcare facilities dealing with lost specimens experience a loss of credibility, seeding mistrust in patients, shareholders, and advisory boards. Medical staff may have valid concerns over the accuracy of test results in the future. Not to mention the effects on patient and customer relationships if they have to return to the facility to take another test or give another specimen.

Healthcare facilities need reliable medical supply delivery

At MCI, we are committed to our client’s success and preserving their brand image. We offer scheduled deliveries, last minute STAT service, and Next Flight Services for a flawless end-to-end experience for our clients and their patients.

Duplication of Efforts Drains Company Resources

A study by Northwell Health and the Hofstra North Shore – LIJ School of Medicine estimated the average costs associated with missing or lost specimens are over $500 plus 15 labor hours per event for the lab.

Don’t duplicate work: track your packages

A drain on resources of this margin indicates that healthcare facilities are better off outsourcing their courier service to a last-mile medical supply delivery company, like MCI. Our proprietary technology allows you to track every package from pick up to delivery.

Damage to Advanced Therapies That Are Irreplaceable and Invaluable

New treatments like cell and gene therapies are transforming healthcare. However, transporting them is inherently challenging and any delays can hamper the viability of cells or reduce the drug’s potency. On top of that, every therapy is unique and has its own protocols for transportation.

Trust the professionals to deliver delicate healthcare therapies

At MCI, our teams include HIPAA-certified and bio-hazard specialists that understand cold chain delivery protocols. We achieve seamless delivery of advanced therapies with safe packaging, handling, and real-time monitoring of parameters such as temperature, shock, exposure, and humidity.

Legal Implications

Frequent service failures in the form of a lost specimen or a missed medical supply delivery adversely impact the quality of patient care, inviting lawsuits. Moreover, hospitals and laboratories directly involved in courier management risk significant legal exposure and compliance in the event of failed deliveries.

We’ve got you covered

At MCI, our industry expertise and innovative technology offer our clients unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and tracking visibility. With fail-proof transportation of every shipment, we help clients save legal fees, avoid legal implications associated with specimen loss, and limit exposure to  liabilities associated with direct courier management.

Senior Management Time

Every time there is a specimen loss, senior management is pulled away from their core business. This is an avoidable use of time, money, and energy that would be better spent on growth and management.

MCI is your corrective action plan

With our HALO team and our customizable dashboards, we can stop potential service disruptions before they happen. And if there is an exception, senior management only needs to sign in to their dashboard to see what happened, why it happened, and what the corrective action is.

Never Lose a Specimen Again – The MCI Advantage

A study by Grand View Research pegged the expected growth of the global medical supply delivery services market at 9.3% CAGR in the 2021-2028 forecast period, pointing to a burgeoning demand for medical-only carriers in the healthcare logistics space.

With leading-edge solutions, a robust and highly-vetted transport network, and patient-centric culture, MCI is leading the pack. In our 50+ years of existence, we have never lost a specimen, and we never will.

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