Introducing HALO – MCI’s Dedicated Logistics Service for Critical Shipments

MCI Halo Logistics Team - Working on Computers

In healthcare, the cost of an irretrievable package isn’t limited to just time or money. It also has a severe impact on patient outcomes. This is why, over our half-a-century of existence, MCI has been so dedicated to never losing a single specimen. We work around the clock to ensure that we never will.

However, there are shipments that require an additional level of care and monitoring. For such clients with a high volume of sensitive shipments, we offer HALO – High Acuity Logistics Operations – the newest and the most exclusive service in MCI’s suite of logistics services.

Designed to deliver a control tower approach with the help of proprietary technology, our HALO team detects and stops potential problems in their tracks. In other words, HALO is the answer to every worry or concern that runs through your mind while booking transportation of a life-saving therapy or critical specimen.

Benefits of the HALO Logistics Service

At MCI, ensuring the safe and on-time transportation of each package guides our every move. With HALO, we take this tradition to a whole new level.

You and your patients are at the core of HALO. Here are the ways our best-in-class service is helping the most-sensitive medical deliveries reach their destination worry-free.

Control Tower Approach to Logistics Service

Inspired by the manner in which an airport control tower oversees the safe and smooth flow of air traffic, our HALO team looms over every order to ensure its flawless execution. Starting with the generation of an order, ending with its last-mile delivery.

This centralized approach provides greater control over sensitive shipments while enabling timely interventions. For every client who opts for HALO, there is a dedicated team of specialists to track, document, intercept and resolve any challenges before they become a problem.

Temperature Control Monitoring

At MCI, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled temperature-controlled logistics expertise. Our team includes associates and drivers with specific competence in cold chain protocols. 

The HALO team utilizes MCI’s state-of-art tech tools to boost visibility and preserve the integrity of hyper-sensitive shipments. Important details like temperature, shock, humidity, and orientation of the cargo are remotely monitored by our teams every step of the way.

Minute-by-Minute Location Tracking

HALO logistics service is a powerful combination of our highly trained staff supported by our leading-edge technology. This group taps into MCI’s proprietary tracking tools to monitor the complete life cycle of the shipment in near real-time so you don’t have to.

It is no secret that commercial airlines often struggle with cancellations and unforgiving weather conditions. This winter season has been no exception, but for HALO it was business as usual. Our dedicated teams went above and beyond to ensure that impacted shipments were mapped, re-routed and delivered on time.

Guaranteed Adherence to SOPs

At MCI, strict adherence to clients’ standard operating procedures is always part of our patient-centric culture.

Our marquis healthcare clients working with our HALO logistics service have a dedicated team at their disposal that is fully versed in and aligned with client SOPs. Our team follows every instruction and checklist to a T. Moreover, each step is properly documented upon completion. 

Who is HALO for?

Our HALO team constantly strives to ensure your life-saving shipments reach their destination on time and with every bit of care they deserve. We offer the HALO service to any of our clients that require a higher degree of compliance –  the enhanced visibility and proactive issue resolution that HALO brings enables you to focus on developing your business and delivering excellence in patient care.

We have you covered every step of the way.

Our HALO services can also be tailor-made for clients who require time-sensitive and temperature-controlled transportation, such as cell and gene therapies. Our nationwide delivery network, coupled with HALO hand-holding, ensures the viability, security, and timely delivery of advanced therapies. 

Simply put, HALO acts as an extra layer of monitoring, compliance, and protection for your critical shipments. 

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