The FedEx SameDay City Service Shut Down: How to Protect Your Business

Fedex SameDay City Service Shut Down title in front of Fedex truck

When FedEx permanently retired its SameDay City delivery service on March 31, 2023, hospitals, labs, clinics, and pharmacies across the United States were left in the lurch.

The importance of logistical certainty in healthcare cannot be overemphasized. In healthcare, courier service disruptions can trigger severe consequences as the contents inside the package have a direct bearing on a patient’s well-being.

If your medical facility is among those affected by this decision, we would like to extend our hand to you and offer you a disruption-free, safe, and on-time alternative to take care of your same-day delivery needs and beyond.

Steer Clear of Disruptions: SameDay Delivery with MCI

Every medical specimen in transit has someone counting on its timely delivery to improve their health. The last thing you want is to tell your clients to brace themselves for sudden delays.

What you need is a reliable medical-only logistics partner equipped to meet all your transportation requirements. At MCI, our delivery teams are ready to step in and fulfill all your pending same-day orders. We offer simple scheduled deliveries and priority local shipments, along with the capability to handle your temperature-controlled delivery needs.

You only need to reach out to our staff, who will be happy to get you set up with STAT pickups while we seamlessly transition your facility into same day operations with dedicated, efficient routes.

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FedUp with FedEx: Why MCI is Your Healthcare Logistics Partner

The FedEx withdrawal of their SameDay City Service to “prioritize other growth opportunities” is one of many risks of working with common carriers in healthcare logistics.

The company responsible for the speedy delivery of critical medicines, patient samples, and therapies should be focused on customer care: not creating a potential threat to your healthcare supply chain.

With MCI, you never have to worry about such disruptions because we have always been a medical-only delivery company. We treat every package as life-saving cargo. We understand how important it is to deliver it timely and with the utmost care.

Read on to learn what makes our clients choose us:

Wide Array of Delivery Solutions for SameDay Service

We are here to take care of your local same-day delivery needs with end-to-end logistics solutions for your daily needs, along with covering any unique transport requirements you may have.

While our STAT service fulfills short-haul emergency orders, our Next Flight Out and Nightly Charter utilize commercial, cargo, and private aircrafts to move life-saving therapies longer distances.

Instead of relying on a common carrier to pick up your specimen on their schedule, you can schedule your routine specimen collection at your convenience.

Nationwide Reach

Our clients have access to our nationwide medical delivery service within the same order entry portal as our same day city pick up and deliveries.

Our robust network, the Medical Courier Alliance, enables us to ship close to 10 million specimens a year for labs, clinics, and hospitals across the United States. Our industry relationships, combined with sophisticated proprietary technology, allow us to offer a locally responsive and centrally monitored network that provides the same reliable service nationwide.

Highly Professional Drivers

Our rigorous hiring process and regular support have helped us build a team of highly-skilled drivers. Our drivers are HIPAA-certified and adept at biohazard handling protocols. We understand that a courier is often the face of a medical delivery relationship so our drivers work with dedication and professionalism, always maintaining a courteous demeanor.

Real-Time Visibility

At MCI, our 50+ years of medical-only expertise and focus on innovative technology have helped us stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. In the last two years alone, we have invested over a million dollars in building leading-edge software and hardware solutions. It has given us, as well as our clients, the freedom to track and monitor all aspects of their orders in real time.

Unrivaled Capabilities

For your delicate therapeutic shipments and temperature-controlled cargo, we offer a team of drivers and staff trained to navigate the complexities of cold-chain transportation. Our frontline team is supported by specialists who guide them through phase-change technology, packaging, and data logging-related requirements.

Furthermore, parameters like temperature, shock exposure, and humidity are constantly monitored by a highly specialized team to maintain the integrity of these shipments.

24/7 Support

Finally, it is our culture of care that ties everything together to deliver a flawless end-to-end experience for our clients. Unlike common couriers, we possess deep industry expertise, having been frontline workers in the healthcare system for over 50 years. We’re here for you and your patients 24/7 to help you place orders, track shipments, craft customized transport solutions, and more.

Your former courier partner may have turned ‘Fled-ex,’ but we will always be around to assist with your logistical needs at your beck and call. And that is a promise.

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