Don’t Let “SANTA” Disrupt your Healthcare Deliveries this Holiday Season!

Choose Healthcare Delivery for the 2021 Holiday Season

Everyone knows, if you want to make sure that your gift packages are delivered by Christmas, you’d better place your orders early.

A few days delay is fine for Jimmy’s toys or Dad’s new tools, but what if the deliveries are critical?!

Too often, the same delivery services that carry your online gift orders also carry medical specimens, samples, pharmaceuticals, and other time-sensitive healthcare shipments. Don’t let your medical specimens get caught in ecommerce holiday delivery delays. Reach out to us to get your healthcare delivery ready for the gifting season.

What impact can you expect during the holiday season on healthcare delivery?

Using a mail carrier like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, or USPS for your specimens will impact your deliveries in two ways:

1 – Serious Delays

Delays will impact healthcare deliveries most severely this holiday season. Specimens are often time and temperature sensitive so the longer they spend in transit, the more likely they are to lose viability.

2 – Specimen Loss or Damage

If your mail couriers are sleep deprived, overworked, and handling twice their normal volume  (like they will be between now and January), they are much more likely to deliver the wrong packages! And with the influx of orders, they can be lost entirely within the mail system.

When it comes to your medical deliveries, you should expect more from your courier.

4 Advantages of Choosing Healthcare-Only Delivery During the Holiday Season

1 – The Ecommerce Delivery Surge Doesn’t Impact Our Service

Between global supply chain shortages and the sheer increase in the volume of online orders, couriers like Amazon are already struggling to deliver on time. With the impending ecommerce surge over the holidays, it will only get worse.

The truth is, if your courier does a mix of work, you will be impacted this holiday season.

Medical Couriers only focuses on healthcare delivery services.

The ecommerce surge simply does not disrupt our deliveries, so the holiday rush won’t impact your deliveries.

2 – We’re Always Conscious of Time

Healthcare deliveries are extremely time-sensitive, regardless of the season. To maintain viability, we need to control the environment for our physical specimens. The faster we get them to their destination, the better. And of course, medical devices need to reach their destinations quickly to maximize their impact.

Because we’re an integral part of the healthcare logistics industry, our delivery times always matter.

We calculate routes to ensure that our drivers are as efficient as possible. And our client dashboards give you access to our performance stats in real time. This gives you the confidence of knowing that your time critical delivery services are not “on holiday,” just because everyone else is.

3 – Focused Training

Your Amazon driver could be interviewing right now for this year’s ecommerce holiday season. They might even start their deliveries next week with minimal training! It’s okay to have inexperienced or entry-level drivers if they’re delivering holiday cards.

A job as a medical only courier is not an entry-level position.

Our drivers are representatives of our clients. We make sure that they’re vetted and trained to enter sensitive environments all day, as healthcare professionals, with a clear understanding of the nuances of healthcare delivery.

Any driver working for us has more than 40 hours of healthcare and safety training under their belt. They have clearances to be in some restricted areas, and they have been on extensive ride alongs. They also understand the specific protocols and technology for ensuring the viability of every type of shipment they take responsibility for.

4 – Driver Consistency and Trust

Our drivers know that we consider them our biggest asset, not an afterthought.

We offer our fleet the opportunity to build a career, to help save lives, and to make a living wage. In return, our drivers stay with us! They drive the same routes and know the folks they deliver to. The repetitive nature allows them to perfect the protocols along the way and to build enduring relationships that manifest improved service, delivery efficiency, and trust.

Our clients trust our drivers, and know them on sight.

Seeing a familiar face everyday in a sensitive environment offers a sense of consistency and professionalism to the interactions between a Medical Courier and the people they deliver to. That’s not something a temporary holiday delivery driver can offer.

What does your holiday healthcare delivery season look like?

Don’t let the ecommerce rush and inexperienced drivers bog you down. It’s time to migrate to a medical-only delivery service. Choose our unrivaled array of delivery solutions.

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