MCI’s Unrivaled Array of Delivery Solutions: A Closer Look

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It is no secret that navigating the labyrinth of today’s healthcare requires outstanding agility and a heavy focus on innovation. At MCI, we keep up with the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry, including anticipating and preparing for unforeseeable events, by offering medical courier services you can trust. Our resilient logistics network, industry-leading technologies, and patient-centric culture help us adapt our operations swiftly and efficiently even during healthcare crises of unprecedented scale (read: COVID-19).

As an end-to-end logistics solutions provider, we offer a wide array of last-mile delivery solutions to transport time-critical shipments with the strictest adherence to regulatory and protocol compliance.

Medical Courier Services You Can Rely On

STAT and Next Flight Out Medical Courier Services

The Covid-19 pandemic was a turbulent phase. It brought weak spots in the healthcare sectors across the globe to the surface. One such example is poor contingency planning leading to logistics and transport delays. Disruptions are virtually non-existent at MCI because our STAT and Next Flight Out teams are ready at a moment’s notice.

In an emergency, our clients only need to reach out to our staff. They are available 24/7 to schedule pick-ups. Each request is passed on to our highly skilled, dedicated STAT team who execute specimen collection and its on-time delivery with utmost care.

Routed and Scheduled Specimen Collection Services

For the transport of specimens, we offer pick-ups and deliveries daily and at fixed intervals as per our client’s requirements. What sets us apart is the blend of future-ready solutions reinforced by our fail-safe transport redundancies.

Our web of smooth-functioning, disruption-proof networks and optimal route planning means we will always find the most timely and cost-effective way to reach from point A to point B. It is easy for us to guarantee on-time deliveries – a rarity among last-mile logistics partners in healthcare.

Cold Chain Logistics

At MCI, we are fully equipped to tackle the dynamics of cold chain logistics. This includes the ultra-precise protocols and strict temperature requirements of CGT. Our specialized team includes a fleet of drivers who are HIPAA and bio-hazard specialists and highly trained in proper cold-chain protocols.

Enhancing transparency is an ongoing goal for us, and we work towards it by deploying innovative tech tools.

Line Hauls and Airline Charters

Our line hauls comprise multiple modes of transportation. We use company-owned fleet of vehicles as well as commercial and charter aircrafts. Our highly trained dispatch specialists monitor shipments throughout the delivery cycle using our state-of-the-art software to proactively discover and rectify any service complications before they become an issue.

California Nightly Charter

The California Nightly Charter combines MCI’s unrivaled transport network across Northern and Southern California and a private airplane charter. Our charter plane departs at 12 am from Hayward, California, and arrives in Los Angeles by 2 am. The return flight for the same route operates between 4 am and 6 am. This hybrid service offers a faster turnaround and a more flexible pick-up and delivery window for our clients while minimizing the risk of processing delays commonly associated with commercial cargo airline protocols.

Multi-State Medical Courier Solutions

Long-standing network partnerships are the backbone of MCI’s unmatched connectivity. The local expertise of our partners, in conjunction with MCI’s best practices and cutting-edge technology, translates into a flawless end-to-end experience. We take pride in our exceptionally high level of local responsiveness, given that we are centrally managed. We work only with thoroughly vetted, medically-experienced delivery companies that share the same values as us.

The California Nightly Charter service was an outcome of a specialty laboratory client’s desire to gain competitive distinction. This is just one example of how we work alongside our high-volume clients to tailor and execute personalized solutions to suit their needs.

Our custom-made logistics solutions provide a dedicated onsite driver and a specialized system to meet clients’ unique requirements.

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