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The Medical Couriers Network Partnerships Healthcare Logistics

As a medical carrier with over half a century of flawless operation, MCI is well-versed in the details of the healthcare industry. We understand that there is zero room for error, and every package has a very real impact on someone’s well-being. Our seamless, secure, and on-time reach is built on a bedrock of solid network partnerships throughout the U.S.

While our California base gives us an edge on the West Coast, our web of highly-competent partners helps us deliver the same stellar standards in every location. With 43 of 50 states on MCI’s map (and growing), we possess a connectivity that few others can match. And we use that connectivity to create opportunities for our network partners to grow.

Becoming an MCI partner means meeting strict qualifying criteria and complete alignment with our goals and values. Learn more about what it takes to become a network partner and how a relationship will benefit your business.

Advantages of Joining the MCI Network: What’s in it For You?

Joining the MCI Partner Network comes with huge perks for our members.

You gain access to prominent hospital chains, laboratories, and closed-door pharmacies from MCI’s national sales efforts. And you get to name your fair price for the services you provide to your new customers – without the challenges of customer service (we handle that!).

The MCI network collaborates and shares best practices, innovation, and technology to improve our services. We’re the best, so being part of our network positively impacts your visibility while fortifying your reputation as a reliable medical carrier in the healthcare logistics space.

Last but not least, joining our network creates revenue opportunities with your existing customers with needs throughout the United States! And of course, MCI becomes your service and logistics arm on the West Coast.

What We Look for in a Medical Carrier Network Partner

We aim to become a single-source solution for all national healthcare logistics and medical-only transportation needs. And we are doing it with efficiency in mind. Instead of allocating our resources to setting up new centers and creating additional competition in every metropolitan area across the US, we contract with local healthcare transportation specialists. Once we select a partner, we align our best practices, industry-leading technology, and service expectations with their local knowledge. This approach enables us to create a seamless ‘end-to-end’ experience for our customers in any market.

This is what we expect from every network partner:

Strong Healthcare Logistics Experience

Navigating the complexities of medical logistics is tricky business because there are several safety factors at play. Therefore, each of our partners must possess at least three years of last-mile medical logistics experience.

While it is not mandatory for them to be a medical-only carrier, their regular operations must involve the shipment and transportation of medical supplies and specimens. Needless to say, we are always there to help our partners enhance their knowledge and gain a firm hold over the nuances of medical-only deliveries.

Equipped with Core Medical Carrier Capabilities

Capabilities in handling sophisticated technologies are vital for every last-mile medical carrier. For instance, cold chain transportation is an essential component in preserving and transporting temperature-sensitive life-saving therapies. We expect our partners to strive for offering the latest medical delivery technology.

Furthermore, every carrier associated with MCI must follow SOPs (standard operating procedures) drafted individually by our customers. While, of course, keeping in mind the healthcare industry standards, regulations, and policies.

Patient-First Culture

Putting the needs of the patients first is deeply ingrained in the MCI culture. Every associate involved in executing an order is mindful of moving these life-saving packages safely and on time.

Our highly trained drivers are sensitive to the environment they operate in. They always maintain a courteous demeanor and professional conduct during client interactions. We only partner with medical carriers who share the same values. By doing so, we ensure our partners maintain service standards worthy of MCI’s reputation and our clients.

Adequate Fleet Size with Superior Insurance Coverage

Operating in a medical-only capacity requires our drivers to have additional state-mandated certifications, higher insurance coverage, and enhanced compliance requirements.

To work under the MCI banner, each partner must have a fleet with at least eight vehicles along with the insurances expected of a professional medical carrier. These include at the minimum: commercial liability insurance, business auto insurance with MCI as an additionally insured party, and worker compensation coverage.

Industry-Level Professionalism

Our partners are required to equip each medical carrier driver with industry-required certifications such as HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness, TSA and CARE requirements. These certifications provide skill sets that are fundamental for protocol training and ensure the viability of the specimens and therapies during transit. Alongside certificates, MCI, in conjunction with partners, routinely organizes training that encompasses a host of topics from health and safety to imbibing patient centricity.

Willingness to Embrace MCI’s Technology

The couriers that we have the opportunity to partner with wear our badge of approval. We hold them to our standards. That includes knowing each customer’s internal SOPs and becoming well-versed in MCI’s cutting-edge tools. This includes our state-of-the-art mobile technology app and centralized dispatch mechanism. Our reporting systems provide clients with unmatched visibility of their shipments through real-time updates. The partners we trust are equipped with it and trained to use it when making deliveries for network clients.

How to Become a Medical Courier Partner with Us

We are looking for partners that want to grow and work together to create a web throughout the United States and beyond. Our dream is to create a robust and trusted healthcare logistics network of like-minded couriers committed to the highest levels of service and performance.

If you are working towards meeting these goals, reach out with an email to