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8 Things to Expect from Your Medical Courier Service

Every medical courier service provider, including us, has attributes that set them apart from the rest of the medical delivery industry.

We have found that while our culture of care and a country-wide network of trusted providers is imperative to our values, there are other factors that affect day to day medical delivery service even more.

medical courier service - medical delivery expectations blog

Here are eight things you should expect when you’re choosing a new medical courier service provider.

8 Things to Expect from Your Medical Courier Service

1 – Transparent pricing for all of your medical courier services

It is absolutely vital that you know what you’re paying for when it comes to medical delivery services.

That means getting a detailed report with transportation and fuel indexes, along with information about costs associated with courier safety training, specialized equipment, dispatch, and the couriers’ cost of living indexes.

When your regular delivery prices change, you should also receive an additional report about the indexes that have changed relative to the previous pricing scale you received.

This offers clarity to you and lends credibility to the service you’re working with.

2 – Reoccurring re-optimization of routed work

Your medical courier service should be consistently optimizing the routes they take for medical delivery.

Being a medical-only delivery service means understanding that we hold the lives of the people we serve in our hands every day. Late deliveries and inefficient routes don’t cut it in our industry, so regular re-optimization of delivery routes is paramount to staying on time!

3 – Remote access to your medical delivery orders

When you place a medical delivery order, you need to be able to track it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In today’s fast-paced, connected work environment, your medical courier service should provide you with a way to track where your delivery is along with the estimated time of arrival and any potential delays your courier may be facing.

4 – Ability to have a customized, automated medical delivery report

Whether you’re a lab that has daily deliveries, a long term care facility with a twice weekly pharmaceutical delivery, or you’re operating within hospital logistics, you should be able to access every piece of information you need about your medical delivery in a single, regular report.

Our system allows you to completely customize the timing and the information you receive in your automated report. You can include proof of deliveries, a cost breakdown, or even the percentage of on-time deliveries from our courier service to help hold us accountable!

5 – Flexibility in invoicing for your medical courier service

It may be a small thing, but we know how irksome it can be to have to recreate or manually input invoices because they aren’t laid out in a way your accounting system can process them.

Relationships with your medical delivery service provider are typically ongoing, so you receive invoices regularly. To us, that means you should be able to specify exactly how you want your invoice laid out so it’s easy on you.

6 – Consistent, identifiable professionalism

In health care environments with sensitive communities, it’s important to recognize, at a glance, whether someone should be there or not.

Your medical courier is someone you should be able to discern immediately. We do this with an ID badge or a consistent uniform for our couriers. They always hold a professional demeanor and they are always sensitive to the community that they are working within.

7 – Routine business reviews

A healthy medical courier service provider does routine reviews of their entire business. This helps them to optimize their performance, improve the relationship with their clients and staff, provide proper training for dispatch and drivers, and take stock of any issue escalation.

For you, this means that you can trust your medical courier service to deliver the right medications and specimens on time and with a genuine smile.

These reviews ensure you can trust that any issues that arise will be remedied and that your service will only get better over time.

8 – Clear, formalized, corrective action plans for when things go wrong

In the real world, stuff happens.

And since being a medical courier service provider is a serious, life saving business, you need to be able to trust that if something goes wrong on a delivery, it will only happen once. You should feel comfortable communicating your medical delivery expectations and if you’re not satisfied, it should be easy for you to let your service provider know.

We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our service by making it easy for them to communicate their expectations. If things do go wrong, we have a formal system that allows us to find the root cause of the issue. We search for appropriate, time based solutions, and we audit them to ensure that any problem has been resolved.

If you feel you may not be getting all of these from your current medical delivery service, we’re here to help. Over the course of three generations, we at Medical Couriers have evolved to be one of the leading medical-only logistics companies in the nation with nearly 10 million specimens delivered a year. Request a quote today to make the switch.