About Our Nightly California Medical Charter Plane

A photo of the plane for the nightly medical charter plane service from MCI

A lot goes on behind the curtains to build a flawless reputation where we can confidently claim impeccable last-mile delivery without ever having lost a single specimen.

It’s our goal to continually execute fresh ideas to make our medical courier service more reliable, convenient, and cutting-edge. Our recently launched nightly medical charter plane connects the Bay Area and Los Angeles, California in another successful plan come to fruition.

Today, we’re here to walk you through our new service and how it offers you the advantage of faster, safer, and more convenient medical specimen delivery. 

What is Nightly Charter Plane Courier Service

Our medical charter plane service leverages one of MCI’s biggest assets – our extensive network across Northern and Southern California – and combines it with a private air charter solution.. The result? A safer, more secure, and quicker delivery of time-critical medical consignments in comparison to on-road or commercial air courier options.

Our charter plane departs at 12am from Hayward, California, and arrives in Los Angeles by 2 am. The return flight for the same route takes place between 4 am and 6 am. We currently have pre existing routes that can accomodate transporting your specimens to and from these airports to create ground-air-ground solutions – get in touch today to discuss options!

Benefits of Using a Nightly Medical Charter Plane Service

Our on-ground fleet of drivers is the cream of the crop and can get your sensitive shipments delivered in record time in California. That said, we understand that there will be times when you need even shorter turnaround times and a more tailor-made logistic solution. MCI’s nightly medical charter plane solution delivers that and so much more.

1 – Faster Turnaround

From specimen retrieval and processing to transit to final delivery, our medical charter plane cuts down turnaround time substantially. A 2-hour flight from Hayward to Los Angeles, or vice-versa, cuts at least 3 hours off the travel time. (It’s a 5 hour drive, even without traffic on the I-5).

2 – Later Pick Up “Cut Off” times

Our local fleets in both Northern and Southern California can perform pick-ups after 5:00 p.m. and still have them to the other end of the State well before common carriers and other ground solutions.

3 – Earlier “Delivery Times”

Our charter flights not only allow later pick up times, but earlier delivery times in both regions.  With your shipments arriving well before 6:00 a.m., we have time to retrieve, sort, and begin delivery before most other carriers have even started their day!

4 – A Medical Charter Plane is More Cost-Effective than a Driver Round-trip

Reducing transport time by more than half and freeing up a driver from making a long round-trip translates to cost savings for our clients. Not only that: A dedicated air courier for medical shipments practically eliminates the chances of loss or delays in transit while giving you more time to consolidate specimens and prep the shipment before pick-up.

5 – New Revenue Opportunity

Offering a premium, unrivaled service like an air charter specimen courier will not only be an additional revenue channel for you but give your clients more reasons to make you their preferred choice for healthcare services.

Case Study: How MCI’s Medical Charter Plane Service Became a Game Changer for our Specialty Laboratory Client

We were contacted by one of our valuable clients, a well-known name in the Specialty Lab space, to help create a competitive distinction. What they had in mind was providing a speedy, secure, more consistent, and uniform transport experience for all their clients regardless of their location in the state of California. 


We put MCI’s best minds on the job to put together multiple solutions and possibilities that meet our client’s needs. Some of the options we came up with included a 100% customized ground transport within our network, a hybrid of MCI and common carriers’ networks, and an air charter courier supported by MCI’s ground team. 

The MCI Medical Charter Plane Solution

The idea of an exclusive medical charter plane courier was the most appealing to our clients and in sync with their goals. They knew it would set them apart and offer a faster, better service.

Our robust network capabilities supported by a nightly air charter flight turned out to be a dream combination for our client and exceeded their expectations in the following ways:

  • Allowed us to schedule pick-ups later into the afternoon and evening. This gives the client a larger window for testing and consolidating specimens for shipment to their Southern California location, while delivering a faster turnaround time.
  • An air charter service is a far more convenient option as it bypasses the typical commercial cargo airline protocols. This allows it to avoid processing delays at both tender and pick-up. Moreover, the chances of losing packages to mislabeling, mishandling, misrouting, or damage, as in the case of common freight, are non-existent in private air charter couriers.
  • Helped in achieving their goals of improved efficiency and consistency while reducing exposures and liabilities.

In short, an unparalleled experience for their customers with an impressive turnaround time that has now become the new gold standard. 

How to Get in Touch with Us to Schedule a Shipment on Our Nightly Medical Charter Plane

MCI has over five decades of providing impeccable medical transport solutions. We deliver close to 10 million specimens each year and have never lost a single one!

Let us become a part of your journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out to explore our medical charter plane courier service. Click here to start booking your first flight.