Does Your Medical Courier have the Tech to Meet the Changing Needs of Healthcare Delivery in the United States?

MCI meets the changing needs of healthcare delivery in the United States

Over the last few years we have seen a significant change in customer expectations. When it comes to time-critical medical deliveries, customers want transparency and superb tracking from their tech tools. Unfortunately, most medical courier services today are stuck with outdated systems and clunky technology. It’s no wonder they are overwhelmed and failing to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of healthcare delivery in the United States.  

Throughout MCI’s 52 years of existence, we’ve anticipated and successfully navigated these changing trends by bringing cutting-edge technological solutions to our customers. Read on to find out how this commitment to innovation sets us apart from other medical courier services. 

Changing Needs in Healthcare Delivery in the United States

Today’s customers of healthcare delivery in the United States including independent labs, closed-door pharmacies, large hospital groups and more are looking for better solutions now. They shouldn’t have to wait for deliveries that are as critical and potentially lifesaving as a specimen or prescription medicine. At MCI, we make last-mile deliveries as efficient and glitch-free as possible by getting a headstart on tech innovations. 

Where Other Companies are Falling Behind

Medical courier companies need to stay on top of growing service needs while ensuring on time pickups and deliveries. Since healthcare deliveries are time-sensitive and critical, customers want real-time visibility of the chain of compliance for their packages. This is impossible without investing in leading-edge software and hardware solutions. 

The software that most courier companies rely on was built years ago and hasn’t been properly developed to meet the expectations of today’s clients. We firmly believe that any healthcare delivery provider that doesn’t make intelligent investments in technology today won’t be able to stay relevant in the fast-paced and increasingly sophisticated medical logistics marketplace of the future.

How MCI is Meeting these Changing Needs

MCI is committed to continually innovating our services with the sole focus of satisfying and exceeding evolving customer expectations. In just the last eighteen months, we have invested over one million dollars in cutting-edge software and hardware solutions. Our goal is to set a technological overhaul in motion –  not just for our company but for all of healthcare delivery in the United States. For us, inside every package is a life, and we’ll do everything in our power to protect it.  

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to keep up with this rapidly changing landscape.

Staying on Top of What’s Possible in Healthcare Delivery in the United States

MCI has consistently stayed ahead of the curve by anticipating the changes in healthcare deliveries and introducing the right tech at the right time. We’ve digitally transformed our systems to allow customers to place requests effortlessly. They also have the freedom to manage, track, and modify orders in near real-time. 

Our advanced software platform enables us to maintain a chain of compliance. This is complete with milestones and checkpoints during the delivery cycle. It helps us make efficient pick-ups and deliveries while giving us an adequate window to catch potential service failures and rectify them quickly. 

Increased Accountability

Our forward-thinking approach to funding tech solutions is the driving force behind building a seamless customer experience with improved accountability. MCI’s highly-trained employees are able to keep a 24×7 watch on your shipments through the cloud-based trackers that each courier carriers. Meanwhile, our world-class fleet of drivers is hands-on with a specialized third-party app to receive requests and track pickups and deliveries. 

The entire process is brilliantly tied together with our state-of-the-art tracking center that takes care of everything from generating in-house delivery routes to electronic delivery verification to putting together custom delivery notes. 

Domestic Teams for Bespoke Solutions

MCI’s domestic development teams are passionate about crafting customized solutions for our clients to support their healthcare delivery needs. 

Our large-volume clients have access to some of the best reporting tools in the industry. MCI’s fully customized Performance and Compliance Dashboards allow our customers to evaluate the efficiency of the ongoing delivery programs, ensure all logistics are on track, identify issues, and solve them with our round-the-clock escalation support team.

Besides reporting tools, our development teams routinely develop specialized solutions like the Nightly Charter Plane Service for long-haul deliveries through the state of California. It offers our clients the opportunity to create a competitive edge through a faster, more reliable, and cost-effective turnaround.

Medical Couriers is the Clear Choice for Capable, Reliable, Responsible Healthcare Delivery in the United States

With healthcare delivery in the United States transforming at an unprecedented pace, medical courier companies will either need to invest heavily to lead the way, or risk falling into obscurity. We have spent over a million dollars already.  Paired with the additional tech solutions we have in the works, we’re clearly committed to driving a technological revolution. It helps us deliver an unparalleled, personalized experience for our customers while simplifying processes for our staff. 

A culture of care is deeply ingrained in our DNA. When combined with leading-edge tech, we’re able to ensure the safety of our drivers and incident-free deliveries. We make nearly 10 million deliveries each year without ever losing a single specimen: a claim that wouldn’t have been possible without our verifiable dedication to anticipating changes in healthcare delivery.

Our live dispatch operator is available 24×7 to schedule emergency requests. If you’re looking to switch from your existing medical logistics company, simply click here to reach out to us.