The Secret to Our Rapidly Deployed Healthcare Logistics Network

There is no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic exposed flaws and weaknesses in the healthcare systems across the globe. With billions of human lives at stake, the pressure on the healthcare industry was unprecedented. Consistent disruptions in the supply chain highlighted the need for resilience and agility throughout the healthcare industry.

A future-ready and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem requires robust logistics networks, and medical courier partners who are able to anticipate changes to step up their game in disastrous events are vital to that equation. So, what are some of the challenges healthcare logistics partners have to tackle in the post-pandemic world, and what gives MCI an edge in executing last-mile deliveries in high-stress situations? Read on to find out.

The Challenges with Deploying Medical Courier Services in New Places

The world was already moving towards decentralized healthcare but Covid-19 served as a catalyst for hastening the timeline. Whether addressing accelerated adoption of at-home care or safe transport during virus outbreaks, logistics providers need to have a clear strategy to keep up with changing healthcare needs. Here are some key issues plaguing medical courier companies when expanding transport networks to new regions.

Filling Driver Demand

The availability of skilled drivers is crucial to healthcare logistics network expansion. Safe transportation of time-critical and temperature-controlled shipments requires the highest level of discipline and professionalism. Drivers that meet such stringent requirements may not be easy to find, especially in a tight time frame.

In addition to ensuring the timely recruitment of experienced drivers, keeping them motivated is equally important. Like any career, financial incentives alone do not always suffice. Offering a comprehensive program involving instruction and recognition is essential for driver retention.

Adhering to Increasingly Complex Protocols

As science progresses and we learn more about the human body, therapies get more complex. A new protocol with sophisticated requirements for transport often follows each iteration of a new therapy. These specifications can include how long a specimen can be on the road, a temperature range that needs to be adhered to, and the orientation of the container they are shipped in.

Additionally, hospitals and labs have their own internal chain of custody requirements that are consistently being improved. Then, add in state and federal policy changes for specimens or medication chain of custody requirements and the protocols per specimen can get incredibly complex.

Plus, carriers like us work nationally. We have a legal obligation to understand the protocols throughout our entire healthcare logistics network, so one interstate pick up and delivery could have several different protocols.

Finding the Best Routes

Route optimization can help in setting up an efficient healthcare logistics network that supports on-schedule pickup and deliveries while also reducing overhead costs. However, this cannot be a one-time activity.

To efficiently optimize routes, there needs to be recurring optimization through sophisticated and cutting-edge software that uses real-time data such as weather and traffic conditions to arrive at the fastest route from point A to point B.

Using Technology to Build a Healthcare Logistics Network that Makes Sense

Future readiness goes hand in hand with technological innovations. Logistics companies with leading-edge software and hardware solutions are better positioned in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Tools such as real-time shipment tracking, intelligent demand forecasting, and route optimization make it clear: the role of technology in building resilience is indispensable.

The ‘Secret’ to Our Rapidly Deployed Healthcare Logistics Network

At MCI, we combine future-forward technology with our patient-centric culture to roll out delivery solutions as quickly as the situation demands. Our coast-to-coast presence (we service 42 out of 48 lower contiguous states) helps us move shipments throughout the country at a moment’s notice. We rely on proprietary technology to create intelligent routes to reduce driving and turnaround time. Meanwhile, our highly competent team of drivers adheres to the strictest protocols for safe and on-time transport of every specimen.

Here are the three pillars that have guaranteed MCI’s flawless track record for over 50 years and continue to drive our success today:

Our Technology Connects Our Drivers with Customers

From the second the order is placed, we are in a high-power mode. Technology helps us every step of the way. In addition to mobile terminals, we equip our drivers with the right tech tools to streamline workflow, generate electronic proof of delivery, and stay connected with the customers throughout the delivery window.

Our Network Makes Healthcare Logistics More Redundant

Our ability to deal with dynamic transport volume and last-minute orders is thanks to redundancies. Unlike other sectors, redundancies in transportation are necessary because they allow us to respond to unexpected events before they become service failures.. Our fail-safe, last-mile transportation thrives on an overlapping network of pre-vetted courier partners in each of the areas we service. This gives us multiple alternate routes as well as modes for every origin to destination pair.

Our Culture of Care Ensures a Job Well Done

Our culture of care encompasses our staff and customers. It drives every decision we make. We treat every package as a life and leave no stone unturned to ensure timely and error-free transportation.

We take pride in fostering long-standing relationships with our drivers, who have been with us for an average of 8 years. Our drivers are often the face of our company, and of the customers we serve. We place immense value in ensuring professionalism and sensitivity in vulnerable places like hospitals, labs, pharmacys, or care facilities.

But What is the Secret to Our Service?

As strange as it seems, the secret is simple: Trust.

Placing trust in our drivers and in our industry-leading software has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve and create a client-centric and technology-driven approach for over half a century.

We trust our network partnerships to stay aligned with our goals and ethos and ensure every client experiences an impeccable level of service throughout the USA.

And our customers trust us to deliver a medical courier network that is robust, reliable, and readily deployable today or in the future.

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