Medical Specimen Transport: Why Tech Tools Make the Difference in Patient Care

Medical specimen transport today relies on high tech tools that make all the difference in patient care. Cloud-enabled trackers, proprietary software platforms, and tech-enabled customer support are some of the ways medical courier companies support lab, clinic, and hospital clients. When choosing a medical specimen transport company, here’s what tech to look for so you know you’re providing the best patient care.

A 360º Cloud-Enabled View

Opt for a medical specimen transport company that provides the exact location of your specimen and real-time delivery information using a Cloud-based app. Peace of mind begins with keeping track of your specimen throughout the delivery process. Electronic delivery verification, barcoding, and the ability to create special delivery notes allow drivers to track each specimen as if it were their own. You’ll rest easy when you’re able to see the specimen has been delivered to its destination on time and in good condition.

How Tech Helps Drivers

Modern medical specimen transport companies provide couriers with tech tools to schedule their days, oversee their orders, and meet their deadlines. Electronic delivery barcoding helps drivers remain in control of their workflow and custom requests so they can be proactive if an issue arises. Drivers may also carry mobile terminals that provide electronic proof of delivery that aids drivers in tracking orders and give clients peace of mind.

24/7 Human Customer Support

Your medical specimen transport company should offer a 24/7 centralized dispatch center staffed by highly knowledgeable team members. If you have problems, questions, or if issues arise, you’ll need someone on the other end who can respond immediately. In the rare event of a server crash or an app glitch, they will become your lifeline to continue tracking your specimens.

Proprietary Dashboards

Some medical specimen transport companies offer proprietary dashboards that give you an overview of your specimen deliveries to put you firmly in control of the patient care you deliver. The Medical Courier dashboard Falcon allows clients to track their order, see information like pickup time, what was picked up, and the client name at pickup location. Clients can also get historical information on orders too. With so much data at the client’s fingertips, there is a level of transparency and control that ultimately helps them deliver the best patient care within a defined budget.

The best medical specimen transport companies know that tech is a tool to augment the very human job of providing the best in patient care. Technology has been helping Medical Couriers continue to deliver not only specimens, but also the best client relationships for over 50 years. When looking for your own medical specimen transport company, make sure they are using the best tech tools the industry can offer.

—Hazel Shahgholi