Why Custom Medical Courier Contractors Put Clients in Control

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After nearly 50 years of providing medical courier contractor services to our clients, we’ve learned that they want to stay in control of protocols from beginning to end. It’s not just a pick up and drop off situation—if it were, they would have hired any of the regular courier companies to do the job. With so many intricate details to execute and lives on the line, they want medical courier contractors who can customize service to fit their needs. Here’s why offering logistics tailored to individual clients’ needs makes for a better client experience that leads to better patient care.

What is Custom Medical Logistics

When a large university medical center needed a medical courier contractor to walk from floor to floor to get blood samples to the ER, we said yes. Because turnaround times on some tests are fast, their courier needs didn’t require cars—they required someone to work with the nurses and walk the specimens where they needed to go quickly. They needed a medical courier contractor that could work with their unique protocols to get the job done. This is what we call custom medical logistics, and here’s why it works for so many of our clients.

Transparency and Control

Medical courier contractors that can customize service give clients transparency and control. Many of our clients have specific protocols that require drivers to be inside their own facility prepping supplies, labeling tubes, or walking the specimens from one place to another.

Having the medical courier contractor onsite as part of an in-house logistics team means they are reporting directly to the lab, hospital, or testing facility staff. They have the ability to speak directly with the courier to offer feedback and/or change protocols on the spot. This direct line of communication to the logistics team means less hassle and more control for the client.

Increased Efficiency

Hiring a medical courier contractor that can customize your logistics means that your highly-skilled employees don’t spend time doing entry level work. Instead, it frees them up to do the work they were trained to do. And without employees needing to task switch throughout the day, overall efficiency is increased. Here’s how we helped one customer shift smaller logistical tasks away from their employees.

The client asked us to help them with logistics prep so their histology and customer service staff could focus on their regular workload. So we came in and set up an in-house logistics center, or basecamp, staffed with MCI employees. In addition to adding a respectful logistics team to their facility, they also got access to our company-owned cars, which gave them transport capability too.

So now our drivers occupy their own desk at the client’s facility, and spend the day preparing reports and getting supplies like specimen totes and cool packs ready for the courier that comes the next day. It’s a win for the client who now has a highly trained in-house medical courier team who can follow their protocols to the letter.

Cost Effective

Bringing in a custom medical courier contractor team saves clients money. Using existing employees at roughly $30 an hour or hiring new employees to do tangential tasks is expensive. Payroll costs alone put stress on budgets, and the time it takes to find and prepare a new hire for the job costs clients money in the long run.

When you engage a custom medical courier contractor team, you bypass the headaches associated with do-it-yourself staffing. What’s more, our drivers come with cars, which means if you need the capability to transport at distance, you’re ready to go.

What Makes Custom Logistics Possible

We can offer custom medical courier contractor services to our clients because we have complete control over our staff and the vehicles they drive. Our drivers are all employees, and our cars are company-owned. It’s this level of ownership that gives us the ability to enact specific customer protocols.

When drivers are on contract, there is a greater risk that they will leave the job suddenly. In this case, it would render any front-end work put into a custom logistics relationship wasted. And because all our cars are company-owned, they are maintained regularly and go with the drivers to the job. That’s what makes custom medical logistics possible.

What CARE Looks Like

When clients look to us to help fill specific needs, we are happy to go out of our way. We do it because we care about our clients and about the patients they serve. Custom logistics is just another way to say customer service, and it’s why after almost 50 years, it shows we still love what we do.