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Introducing HALO – MCI’s Dedicated Logistics Service for Critical Shipments

In healthcare, the cost of an irretrievable package isn’t limited to just time or money. It also has a severe impact on patient outcomes. This is why, over our half-a-century of existence, MCI has been so dedicated to never losing a single specimen. We work around the clock to ensure that we never will. However, there are shipments that require an additional level of care and monitoring. For such clients with a high volume of sensitive shipments, we offer HALO -...

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How the Healthcare Supply Chain Serves Healthcare Providers

Coming out of the recent pandemic, hospitals and medical providers have begun to grasp the importance of a resilient supply chain and on-time final mile delivery. With time-sensitive supplies and precious human lives involved, a healthcare supply chain has a lot more riding on it than your typical supply chain. What is a Healthcare Supply Chain? The healthcare supply chain is the entire network of individuals, processes, or organizations involved in manufacturing, sourcing, and distributing medicines, medical supplies, and equipment. Essentially, everyone...

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