Regulation and Compliance

Regulation and Compliance in the Medical Final Mile Space

It is an unfortunate reality that oftentimes, regulation doesn't come to an industry until there is an unforeseen, tragic event. While I'm not a huge proponent for the government sticking its nose in any of our businesses, there are certain industries that necessitate standards and certifications – further, these certifications need to be backed by real evidence: a dentist who only *claims* to have gone to dental school (with only their attestation to back it up) would not be my...

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What Happens If Prop 22 Passes?

As major companies in California wait on the edge of their seats to see if AB 5’s counter legislation, Proposition 22, will pass, many healthcare services companies are blind to the financial impact and repercussions this legislation will have on their business.  In our latest blog, The Hidden Costs of AB 5 to Medical Transportation, we outline how medical companies are facing liabilities and massive cost increases due to AB 5 legislation. While Prop 22 was introduced in response to the...

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The Hidden Costs of AB 5 to Medical Transportation

  You may have heard of the effects of AB 5 to major companies but have you considered the liabilities and massive cost increases associated with your delivery vendors?  As the oldest employee-only medical courier in the market, we’ve weathered through every major up and downturn in the market and every regulation impacting the medical transportation industry.  We can give you our expert opinion about where the industry is headed. In this in-depth guide, we break down how the cost of benefits, service...

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