Rapid Deployment, Customized Covid Specimen Transportation Services

Medical Couriers is leading the way in Covid-19 specimen delivery.

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MCI has the largest customizable Covid Specimen delivery network in California.  Our customers include large hospital groups, regional clinical laboratories, healthcare specialty companies and the State of CA itself.  

How We Go Live In Five Days:

  • Conduct a rigorous Discovery Call to quickly determine your needs
  • Design a customized program and pricing solution for your review
  • Produce custom technology tracking, reporting and notifications to meet your needs
  • Set up your unique customer portal to give you visibility to your program in real time
  • Audit the program using our tracking and reporting tools to validate our performance commitment

What We Need from You:

  • Any detailed information available for the sites that you would like serviced
  • A basic target date for “go live”
  • Participation on the initial Discovery Call
  • The Discovery Call will determine the appropriate “next steps”

When Can We Start:

  • Following the Discovery Call and with a signed Contract, MCI can launch a solution that is integrated into our existing network within 72 hours
  • Larger and more customized solutions can be launched within one to three weeks


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