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The Medical Couriers Network Partnerships Healthcare Logistics

For more than 50 years, Medical Couriers has connected with hospital groups, independent labs, and long term care pharmacies around the country. As a company focused on specimen, medication and general healthcare logistics, we need to be available at a moment’s notice, in every market we service.

With our Service Center centralized in California, we must  partner with  the right couriers to ensure that we can be locally responsive, while centrally managed.

In order to do this, we work daily to evolve and grow our proprietary network of vetted medical delivery partners.

Why We Work with Partners that Focus on Healthcare Logistics

At Medical Couriers, we enjoy long term relationships with a marquee portfolio of healthcare related companies.  These large hospital groups, regional and national reference labs, and medical clinics, often have medical transportation needs in other parts of the country. We add value to our existing customers by leveraging our robust network of vetted partners to provide a single-source solution for national healthcare logistics and transportation needs.

Rather than moving into a new city and creating a competitor for local couriers, we contract with select, vetted, local healthcare transportation specialists. We then align our best practices, industry-leading technology, and service expectations with their “local knowledge.” In doing so, we create a seamless ‘end to end’ experience for our customers and theirs, in any market!

What We are Doing Right Now

We’re already offering the best in the West when it comes to last mile healthcare transportation. So right now we are focused on expanding our network of medical delivery partners around the United States.

When we put our energy into something, we fully commit to it. We have been working with network partners for years, but we decided to spend the next few years focused on becoming the best, most connected medical delivery service provider in the USA. We hired new staff members that focus solely on building relationships and vetting new network partners. And we are opening the communication lines with our current clients to offer services in new metropolitan areas.

What We Look for in a Specimen Transportation Network Partner

Wanting to be the most connected medical courier company in the country doesn’t remove our standards. We still only work with the best courier companies in their metropolitan areas, so we set very high standards for the relationships we create. Here’s what we look for in our partnerships:

1 – Healthcare Logistics Experience

Our network partners need to be focused on medical transportation, with existing relationships with healthcare companies, similar to those in our portfolio. There are a lot of education and safety standards to take into consideration in the healthcare logistics industry. While we are always willing to train and educate our partners, we do require that they have a strong understanding of the typical business processes and workflows to be successful in service to our customers.

2 – Customer/Patient-centric Service Culture

Medical Couriers is more than 50 years old. We’ve survived everything from recessions to political turmoil by having excellent service and building relationships to last. We hold the keen understanding that every package, specimen, and medicine delivery represents an active and unfolding story of someone’s life. And we take the responsibility of moving these life impacting shipments very seriously. We openly expect the same commitment from our network partners and work with them daily to ensure their success.

3 – Committed to Continuous Improvement Toward Performance Excellence

We build transparency into our business model at every stage. We are looking for network partners that want to join us in this endeavor.

Our technology offers real-time updates that allow us to have an active two way understanding with our clients. It allows them to better understand their delivery program and enables us to suggest ways to refine it. These ongoing exchanges keep us on a constant trajectory towards excellence.

4 – Willingness to Partner Using Our Mobile Technology and Clients’ Business Processes

The couriers that we have the opportunity to partner with wear our badge of approval. We hold them to our standards.

Our clients expect excellence from the Medical Couriers name. That includes knowing their protocols and operating with efficient reporting systems. Our mobile technology is the best out there for medical couriers. The partners we trust are obligated to use it when making deliveries for network clients.

5 – Appropriate Levels of Insurance and Industry-required Certifications and Compliance

A typical courier doesn’t have the same requirements that we do. Operating in a medical-only capacity requires our drivers to have additional state-mandated certifications, higher insurance coverage, and enhanced compliance requirements.

Every driver that works under the Medical Couriers name needs health and safety training, special certifications, and a sensitivity to the nuances of patient-centric delivery. They are trained in the proper protocols for ensuring the viability of the specimens, medications, and other materials they transport.

6 – Eager to Partner with a Network of Collaborating Competitors

It goes without saying that creating a network of medical couriers means working together with our competitors. Why would we bother? Because what we do is more important than making a quick buck. In the healthcare transportation industry, every single package we carry is a life that we impact. It’s our goal to make sure that we’re doing everything in our power to make it as efficient as possible.

We’re looking for partners that want to grow and work together to create a web throughout the US. Our dream is to create a robust and trusted healthcare logistics network of like minded couriers, committed to the highest levels of service and performance.

2 Goals for 2022 – Relationships & Redundancy

Our biggest goal in 2022 is to partner with three vetted and approved courier agencies in each metropolitan area we serve. Why? Because redundancy protects our service. Service is the critical key to our network’s success.

We don’t ever want to be in a situation where our whole network is tied up and dispatch doesn’t have anyone to send on an emergency delivery that can save a life. By building a network of overlapping couriers, we have the chance to create a web that services every area, 24/7.

As a business that is more than half a century old, we’ve had many opportunities to do something new. But creating a nationwide healthcare transportation network is something that we have only ever dreamed about… until now!

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